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We understand the cutting-edge technologies and sensitive safety requirements in the leading international sectors. The ability to grow together with the ambitions of our customers is part of our corporate culture. Measure us against this claim. The sophisticated electronics of your product innovations are in safe hands at SMT ELEKTRONIK.

Medical technology

As a partner for responsible and sophisticated tasks, we have demonstrated our capabilities in a wide range of medical diagnostic, monitoring and therapy systems.

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Electrical medicine

Our control panel for a left-ventricular support system combines sophisticated functionality on limited space with low rates of energy consumption. The electronic assembly groups that we manufacture are also used in devices for electrical muscle stimulation and the treatment of incontinence .

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Surgical technology

Versatile adjustment capability, automatic functions, Bluetooth and WLAN connections – SMT ELEKTRONIK does justice to the sophisticated electronics of contemporary OP technology on OP tables and LED OP lighting .

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Rehabilitation technology

From the remote control, to the lift and adjustment functions, through to the automatic safety stop – SMT ELEKTRONIK implements the entire electronics for modern wheelchairs. We also provide the control electronics for professional bathtub lifts in the hospital, care and rehabilitation sector.

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In addition to other fields, the control and measuring electronics from SMT ELEKTRONIK are used in pulse oximeters, capnometers, ECG and blood pressure measuring devices . We supply the measuring electronics for heart-lung machines and the miniature and sensor electronics for devices for blood flow measurement .

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Laboratory technology

We supply the electronic control systems for equipment for the automated analysis of blood samples , including the electro-mechanics, micro-mechanics, assembly and calibration.

Markus Herdecker - Alber

Markus Herdecker,
Director of Purchasing,
Alber GmbH

Customer feedback

Partners have to understand our aspirations.

"For the development and manufacturing of our modern e-bike drive systems and user-friendly mobility aids for wheelchair users, we require competent partners who understand our requirements. Above all else, we appreciate the high flexibility and speed of
SMT ELEKTRONIK, but also their commitment during the individual phases of development and their excellent price-performance ratio. We have enjoyed an excellent and trusting partnership with the Dresden-based company for more than 20 years, and we very much want to continue with this partnership."