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Preflight plane

We understand the cutting-edge technologies and sensitive safety requirements in the leading international sectors. The ability to grow together with the ambitions of our customers is part of our corporate culture. Measure us against this claim. The sophisticated electronics of your product innovations are in safe hands at SMT ELEKTRONIK.

LED lighting technology

With our proven know-how and high-tech equipment, we are your partner for professional LED applications. The latest light measurement technology is firmly integrated within our manufacturing process – your guarantee for reliable, narrow binning according to the luminosity, color temperature, voltage and color location.

OP Leuchten
SMT Haken

OP lighting

Guaranteed functionality and precision brightness and color values are essential, especially for LED OP lighting systems . With proven quality management and binning handling, we ensure comprehensive product reliability.

Maritime Beleuchtung
SMT Haken

Maritime lighting

SMT ELEKTRONIK guarantees compliance with internationally recognized safety standards for UL-certified assembly groups. The manufacturers of maritime LED spotlights entrust us with the manufacturing of the respective electronic components. 

Luftfahrt Kabinenleuchten
SMT Haken

Aviation cabin lighting

In the field of lighting technology, SMT ELEKTRONIK fulfills the strict safety regulations of the aerospace industry. Among others, we realize the LED electronics for reading lights and illuminated displays in aircraft cabin interiors.

Smarthome Leuchten
SMT Haken

Smart home illumination

We jointly developed and then independently manufactured the light modules for exclusive, color-variable LED shower lighting .

Automotive Leuchtsysteme
SMT Haken

Automotive lighting systems

We ensure precision brightness and color values for LED gear lever displays , the electronics of which we manufacture for the suppliers to a leading German automotive group. SMT ELEKTRONIK is certified according to the IATF standard for quality management in the international automotive industry.

Thilo Hack - Ansmann Vorstand

Thilo Hack,
Sales and Development Director,

Customer feedback

Quality and safety
that correspond to our standards.

"Many of our sophisticated system solutions for battery and charging technology are configured, developed and manufactured according to customer specifications. In this respect, the safety boards and battery management systems that are used are elementary parts of our lithium-ion battery packs. Basic suppliers aren’t enough for us. We demand quality and reliability from our partners, attributes that guarantee the safety and functioning of our battery and charging technology systems under all conditions. SMT ELEKTRONIK meets all our requirements, with its ever shorter time-to-market periods, its high degree of technical expertise, its processing reliability and its extensive vertical range of manufacturing."