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We understand the cutting-edge technologies and sensitive safety requirements in the leading international sectors. The ability to grow together with the ambitions of our customers is part of our corporate culture. Measure us against this claim. The sophisticated electronics of your product innovations are in safe hands at SMT ELEKTRONIK.


SMT ELEKTRONIK has recorded increasing manufacturing figures in the field of modern mobility systems. To date, our focus has been on battery management as well as on safety technology for local public transportation.

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Battery management

The company Ansmann AG, the leading international specialist for battery, accumulator, charging and drive technology, makes use of the security and processing depth of SMT ELEKTRONIK for the production of safety boards and battery management systems . The systems, which we also realize for other manufacturers up to and including their assembly, serve the purpose of monitoring the batteries for the risk of ignition and also optimize the energy management.

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Buses and trains

The battery management systems that we manufacture are also used in electrically-powered public transportation vehicles. In addition to this, within the scope of the safety concepts for buses and trains, we realize electronics for sophisticated camera recording systems – including their partial development, programming, calibration, electrical testing and the sophisticated assembly work. 

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Our expertise in the development and manufacturing of electronic assembly groups is put to use in the construction of batteries and motor control systems for premium electric bicycles.

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Mobility aids

SMT ELEKTRONIK manufactures complete electronic control systems for modern wheelchairs.

Thilo Hack - Ansmann Vorstand

Thilo Hack,
Sales and Development Director,

Customer feedback

Quality and safety
that correspond to our standards.

"Many of our sophisticated system solutions for battery and charging technology are configured, developed and manufactured according to customer specifications. In this respect, the safety boards and battery management systems that are used are elementary parts of our lithium-ion battery packs. Basic suppliers aren’t enough for us. We demand quality and reliability from our partners, attributes that guarantee the safety and functioning of our battery and charging technology systems under all conditions. SMT ELEKTRONIK meets all our requirements, with its ever shorter time-to-market periods, its high degree of technical expertise, its processing reliability and its extensive vertical range of manufacturing."