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We understand the cutting-edge technologies and sensitive safety requirements in the leading international sectors. The ability to grow together with the ambitions of our customers is part of our corporate culture. Measure us against this claim. The sophisticated electronics of your product innovations are in safe hands at SMT ELEKTRONIK.

Data and security technology

SMT ELEKTRONIK is a development and implementation partner for challenging electronic tasks in the field of data and security systems. We have been familiar with the specialist requirements for many years, in terms of the reliable functionality or the documentation requirements, which can sometimes be extensive, for example.

SMT Haken

Access security

Intelligent locks with coding, locking and signaling systems, camera technology for automated face and license plate recognition – we supply electronic components for modern access management. 

Biometrische Systeme
SMT Haken

Biometric systems

For finger scanners and/or equipment with fingerprint sensor technology, we manufacture the electronic assembly groups and manage the installation and calibration. 

SMT Haken

Measurement and sensor technology

Limit value monitoring, data recording, tracking – electronic solutions from SMT ELEKTRONIK ensure, among others, the reliability of loggers and safety shutdowns.

SMT Haken

Aviation systems

SMT ELEKTRONIK manufactures control electronics for the heating as well as the water and sewage systems in aircraft. This includes the prospect of future orders in the field of avionics

Josef Wallner - Wallner Automation

Josef Wallner,
Managing Director
Wallner Automation GmbH

Customer feedback

Our partners have to be able to master cutting-edge technologies.

"Our line of business is the development and manufacturing of customized electronics and software for industrial applications. A key specialty of our company is the development of electronic assembly groups for safety controls on machines and for other safety-relevant applications. We decided to cooperate with SMT ELEKTRONIK because they understand the cutting-edge technology, and their quality, price and delivery reliability are also right. The communication is also excellent, from the placement of the orders through to the manufacturing and the delivery. Above all else, we feel that we are understood by SMT ELEKTRONIK"