A precise spot on landing.
In series production. Within budget.

EMS services
EMS servicesPreflight plane

Flying at market level – throughout the value added chain.

You decide on an EMS service provider and assembler who is able to take on every part of the overall process for you on a professional basis. With our in-house development services, we are able to relieve the burden on your capacities at all times. As a systems provider, we can offer you the opportunity to expand the manufacturing process according to your requirements.

market requirement


Our process for translating your product idea into an electronic assembly design with series production capability.


Our systems and technology for the high-quality and economical series production of your assembly groups.

Full service

Our full service for the optimized outsourcing of all the ancillary services within your value chain.

EMS-Preflight – you can enter the project at any part of the process chain at any time

Your electronics development completes the EMS-Preflight® process before the production starts. In this way, our feasibility analysis and our
Design for Manufacturing ensure the series manufacturing capability of your product electronics at all times.



Benefit from our production-related construction and design capabilities, starting from the development stage. The exceptional series safety of EMS-Preflight® is immediate, with the development and production being closely interlocked from the start.

[ 1 ]

Define the requirements

Basic design of the electronics part of your product idea: with special consideration in regards to functionality, shape, safety guidelines, production capability and costs. We also support with drawing up your specification sheet.

[ 2 ]

Electronic concept

Hardware, software, mechanical components, casing design, shape concept – all basic development steps are outlined.

[ 3 ]

Target setting and technical specifications

The specific implementation of your product idea is described with precision.

[ 4 ]


Implementation of assembly: the development and the design for manufacturing. Circuit design, layout and, if required, the creation of application software. Effective assembly and testing is ensured in every phase.

[ 5 ]

Prototype, CE conformity, series production

The development is implemented and customized based on your specific needs. CE conformity may be provided if requested by the customer. The integration of the manufacturing and testing equipment in the process ensures the efficient and cost-effective production.

SMT EMS Fertigung


Coordinated manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art technologies with a high vertical range of manufacture and proven employee competence
ensure the high quality, efficient circuit board assembly.

Start-up consulting

The purchasing, production and quality management divisions coordinate the technical implementation. Parts lists, work schedules, machine and employee resources are systematically synchronized.

Materials purchasing

You will benefit from the purchasing advantages offered by a professional market participant and our experience in optimizing the set-up and storage costs. Our proposals for alternative components provide you with security.

Series manufacturing

Individually-adapted automation concepts combined with cutting edge production control procedures and a wide-ranging portfolio of technologies guarantee economical, high quality production.


We create the required testing concepts for you and implement them during the production. Efficient testing techniques are available in-house and are adapted to your specific requirements.

EMS Full Service

Full service

As a systems supplier, we can offer you the opportunity to expand the manufacturing process according to your requirements. With our full-service packages, we will be pleased to steer you through to the dispatch of your finished, ready for sale product.

Programming and calibration

We create firmware and application software on the basis of your requirements. Your equipment can be configured and calibrated according to your requirements.

Storage and logistics

Organization of the entire ordering and delivery process: packaging management, storage of construction elements, storage of finished products, punctual delivery to the end customer.

Sophisticated assembly

Assembly in modules or of end devices – from the integration of additional modules, cabling and assembly parts through to the installation of the electronics in the device housing, to the installation of the software and the calibration.

Painting and casting

Protection against environmental influences, contact protection, compact cohesion – variable painting and casting technology ensure the functionality of your electronic assembly group.

Final packaging

Sales-ready final preparation in the requisite delivery packaging, including accessories such as data carriers, fastening components and technical documentation.

Obsolescence and life cycle management

Monitoring and evaluation of component PCNs, allocation to assembly groups and projects, forward-looking determination of the discontinuation risk through the proactive use of worldwide data sources, solutions support.

EMS Technologien


We play an active role in shaping the progress in the field of EMS technology and we stay at the cutting edge with our high rates of investment. The individual requirements of our customers are always of decisive importance for the expansion of our technology park.

Circuit board assembly

Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) · Through Hole Technology (THT) · Labeling · Press-fit Technology

Assembly group protection

Painting Automation · 1K and 2K Casting · Silicone · Polyurethane (PUR) · Hotmelt Injection Molding · Bonding

Soldering technology

Re-flow Soldering · Wave Soldering · Selective Soldering · Pulse Heat Soldering · Vapor Phase Soldering

Testing and verification

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) · In-Circuit Test (ICT) · Flying Probe Test · Boundary Scan · Functional Testing · LED Brightness Testing · Climate Testing · Fall Impact · Acceleration · Vibration · Microscopic Analysis Methods · X-ray Inspection · Manual Inspection