Your product ideas land on the market with
series production capability.

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Our method

SMT ELEKTRONIK simultaneously evaluates four key factors for manufacturing assembly groups for customized production. Technologies, work and testing processes are placed into useful context and sequence to prepare a quote prior to production. Regular monitoring of the component availability as well as employee and machine resources.

Preflight Methode
[ 1 ]

Target functionality

We take a considered look at the idea and purpose of your product. The electronic tasks are translated into an assembly design that maps out the target functionality from the perspective of the series production.

[ 2 ]

Material availability

Knowledge of the availability of components requires comprehensive market knowledge. We are able to assess the risk of discontinuations and have the material expertise for the high value fulfillment of your quality requirements.

[ 3 ]

Process efficiency

The choice of technologies and the sequence of the work steps are decisive criteria in achieving reproducible quality with short throughput times.

[ 4 ]

Testing capability

To automate the test procedures as efficiently as possible, we design the corresponding testing capability on a forward-looking basis and support you in all the project phases. Your product is prepared for specific safety assessments and certification processes on an effective basis.

Your benefits

An offer for development and manufacturing with series production capability

Minimized product life cycle costs per assembly group

The economical mapping of changes during the series production is possible

Lowest possible risk of material discontinuations

Certification-proof design

When may we prepare your product electronics
for their launch?

Leiter Auftragszentrum Schindler

We allow ourself to be guided by the pilots. Just as they personally check the airworthiness of the aircraft before each take-off, we also check your project.

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