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28. June 2019

Real-time monitoring of medical transportation

Transporting sensitive goods safely to their destination is an important task for which manufacturers and logistics companies are responsible. The risks associated with such transport work (potholes, carelessness during the loading process, extreme fluctuations in temperature, etc.) need to be monitored, especially with medical equipment, as the equipment is used on humans, and to ensure that an immediate response is possible in the event of damage.

SMT ELEKTRONIK has been active in the field of transportation monitoring since 1990, and is able to measure, signal and document such influences with its MONILOG® RISK LOGGERS. In cooperation with an external partner, SMT has recently developed a web portal for the MONILOG® sensor network that is able to display the recorded data in real time.

You can read more about this topic in the following article which was published in the publication MEDengineering, issue 4/2019:

Real-time monitoring of medical transportation [PDF]

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