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6. January 2021

Environmental measures

For the good of our environment, we regularly analyse the processes at SMT. At the beginning of last year, we already reported on the successful optimisation of our server infrastructure and printing equipment. Since then, we have achieved enormous savings of energy (-73%) and expendable materials (-80%) for the operation of this infrastructure.

We took some significant measures, especially in the course of the printer changeover. Firstly, we switched from laser to inkjet and reduced the number of printers as well as dust and ozone pollution. On the other hand, we created uniform regulations for print settings and trained the employees. As a result, we achieved a reduction in print volume to over 30% printed pages per week. Another effect is the resulting cost optimization.

SMT ELEKTRONIK works continuously to act in the interests of our environment and to optimise our processes. Future plans include a new ERP system, a uniform PDF tool and further user training to protect the environment.