Sophisticated product electronics realized
on a series-proven basis.

SMT Elektronik

A precise spot on landing. In series production. Within budget.

As ems company and assembler we are experts in development, manufacturing and full service of electronic assembly and electronic devices. With functional, material, process and test-compliant methods, we bring your sophisticated electronics product into reliable production. With state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and full-service we provide necessary support to take you into the market.

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EMS services

SMT ELEKTRONIK covers the entire range of electronic manufacturing services for you.


Electronics design | Circuit design and specifications | Engineering | Prototype, CE conformity


Start-up consulting | Materials purchasing | Series production | Testing

Full service

Programming and calibration | Warehouse and logistics | Complex assembly | Painting and grouting | Final packaging

Proven series capability, right from the start.

"We assess the four key factors of electronics manufacturing services for you at the quotation stage. We call this method, which is inspired by the approach in the area of aviation, EMS-Preflight®.”

Christian Potz
Managing Director

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Geschäftsführer Christian Potz

Partners in leading sectors

Leading companies in leading international sectors
entrust us with their product electronics.

Industrial engineering

Medical technology

LED lighting technology

Smart home

Data and security technology




A product development from the world of SMT ELEKTRONIK

MONILOG® RISK LOGGER for the monitoring of risk situations.